In December 2006, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) obtained approval from the Shenzhen Municipal Government for joining the Shenzhen Virtual University National University Science and Technology Park (the Park), and became one of the eight universities (including four from Hong Kong) that could establish a base within the Park. HKUST will build the HKUST Shenzhen IER Building in the Park as its own industry, education and research (IER) base.

HKUST R and D Corporation (Shenzhen) Limited, which was established to undertake the construction project of the HKUST Shenzhen IER Building, signed the land use contract with the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Land Resources and Housing Management in June 2007. The Building, with a constructible area of 15,000 sq.m., has been completed on 22 Septembder, 2011..

The architectural design of the new building emphasizes open space, flexible functions, energy efficiency and greening. The design not only meets the overall planning requirements of the Park, but also projects the distinctive image of HKUST. The Building provides space for research laboratories, lecture theater, classrooms, multi-purpose rooms, lounges, landscaping gardens and car parking space etc.

Click here for the conceptual design.

Construction schedule :

March 2008 Schematic design complete
  January 2009 Working drawings/detailed design complete
  December 2008 Ground-breaking ceremony
  February 2009 Foundation works
  August 2009 Topping out
  August 2010 Practical complete
  January 2011 Formally put into use
  September 2011 Opening Ceremony