Facilities and Services

The HKUST Shenzhen IER Building occupies a floor area of 15000 square-meters, with 7 floors in height. It is part of the National University Park for Science & Technology of Shenzhen Virtual University Park. Surrounded by greening rest corridor and piazza, as well as parking area on and under the ground, HKUST Shenzhen IER Building is located at a quiet, pleasant and also convenient place.

All classrooms and meeting rooms in the IER Building are facilitated with teaching equipments and advanced multimedia teaching systems. Covered by WiFi networks, the building is suitable for educational trainings, corporate internal trainings, academic conferences and etc.

In the IER Building, there are:
One 186-seat Lecture Theatre
Two 66-seat and Four 55-seat Executive Training Classrooms
Eight Breakout Rooms

There are also service facilities like VIP Rooms and Conference Rooms.



HKUST SZ IER Building:



Lecture Theater:



Executive Training Classroom: